Truth About Killer Dinosaurs – T Rex vs Triceratops (BBC)

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Truth About Killer Dinosaurs 150x150 Truth About Killer Dinosaurs   T Rex vs Triceratops (BBC) Broadcast (2005) Within this innovative series Truth About Killer Dinosaurs – T Rex vs Triceratops, Bill Oddie takes great pleasure in evaluating dinosaurs using their nearest living relatives – crocodiles and wild birds. He joins forces having a team of experts to scientifically analyse fossilised dinosaur bones and tracks. Using scientific evidence, Bill constructs existence-sized, bio-mechanical replicas from the dinosaurs’ weaponry. He then tests them and significantly demonstrates their awesome potential. The findings all these research are given in to the computer graphics to create probably the most accurate portrayal of dinosaurs up to now.

Programme 1

Tyrannosaurus rex versus Triceratops must work as finest heavyweight fight ever. In a single corner – T. rex – a six-ton giant of muscle and teeth as well as the favourite killer the planet population has witnessed. Its jaws were full of 50 teeth, each as much as foot extended, and effective enough to crush a vehicle. Within the opposite corner – Triceratops – an armoured and large opponent, similar to an elephant-sized rhino putting on a spiked helmet.

A amazing face-off similar to this has extended been imagined by artists and filmmakers, but up to now it’s been according to pure fantasy. During this programme, Bill Oddie utilizes some surprising and effective techniques to unlock the reality, that they uncovers amazing new fossil evidence of a geniune-existence conflict between both of these monsters.

Including the destructive abilities within the dinosaurs, Bill constructs existence-sized, bio-mechanical replicas in the T. rex mind, constructed from solid steel, plus a Triceratops skull, filled with three horns. He then puts them on trial within the most detailed analysis ever attempted.


Programme 2

Velociraptor might be referred to because the most frightening dinosaur on the planet. Equipped with huge disembowelling claws, as sharp as steak knives, it guts its prey having a single sweep of their effective legs. A minimum of, that is what appears to occur in Steven Spielberg’s movies. But do you know the details?

Ongoing his mission to discover the reality, Bill Oddie tracks lower the actual raptor to discover whether it had down. Not just did the 2-legged flesh-eater look a lot more like a bird than the usual lizard, but Velociraptor nailed its sufferers having a far deadlier strike than the usual slash towards the stomach.

Next Bill introduces a fish tank-like Ankylosaur, a dinosaur using the ultimate defences. Using its armour-plated skin and vicious bone-crushing club, the stupidest dinosaur ever may have been greater than a match for any fleet-footed Velociraptor. Evaluations with living creatures for example alligators and hawks provide Bill with clues regarding how both of these dinosaurs used their weaponry. By using this information, he constructs accurate working types of a Velociraptor leg, filled with its killer claw, plus an Ankylosaur’s fearsome tail club. After which he puts these to the exam. The outcomes significantly demonstrate the devastating energy from the dinosaurs and lead Bill Oddie to The Reality Regarding Killer Dinosaurs.


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